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​Since I was a little girl I knew that one day I wanted to be married. Having that profound lifetime connection with someone was important to me. I grew up witnessing the beautiful ups and crazy downs of my parents’ forty-four year marriage. Although I saw the interactions between them, I still didn’t quite understand how to set standards in my own relationships. Yes, I wanted honesty and loyalty, but how could I really have those things sincerely from a man? I was always trying to figure out what was wrong with my boyfriend or what was wrong with me. Why was I not enough for him? Why was there always another woman who was a factor in my relationship? Why was it so easy for me to be transparent and loyal, but not so simple for him? Were all men essentially the same? I was constantly fighting emotional battles, and I didn’t understand how to cope. With each relationship I left feeling like I had wasted my time, but there was one that left me with more disappointment than any of the others....
“20 Beautiful Women: 20 Stories That Will Heal Your Soul, Ignite Your Passion And Inspire Your Divine Purpose” is a collection of personal short stories from 20 authors, speakers, and life coaches bonding together for the common goal of sisterhood, and to transform women from the inside out.

​ best-selling author Saba Tekle has compiled these stories from women who have experienced devastating circumstances, loss, and disappointments. The one thing that connects them all: they had the strength to heal, find their purpose through their pain and now passionately help others in the areas of self-love, weight loss, career, spirituality, relationships, finances, and forgiveness.

​Many of these stories, told here for the very first time, will empower you to make real changes in your life, heal down to your soul, find your passion, and live your divine purpose, now.

​After a soul-stirring foreword by national best-selling author, Debrena Jackson Gandy, you will find stories you can connect with, learn from, cry with, and grow from. It's a must read for anyone desiring connection with other real women and true transformation.

​This compelling book may change your life forever!