If you wish your life were different... do your life differently.  

-Terence Houlihan

Pacifying your way through life is PURE MISERY!  There were times when most things in my life were swept under the rug.  There were times I wanted to quit on life.  But applying The COLD Approach to my own life convicted me, and I had to be accountable, face the music and just dance...

The COLD Approach is:

  • Communicating through tough love
  • Organizing the daily flow
  • Leading self for growth and transformation

You see, I went through a personal renaissance early in life and became enlightened.  Though that word 'enlightenment' seems like a grand and promising thing, it seemed to bring me more and more pain.  That is until I realized that the purpose of enlightenment was to destroy EVERYTHING I had ever believed in.     ​

The most important realization was that being truthful with my self released many mental and physical toxins that were trying to invade my life.  Life became lighter, and I began to live in my personal power of creation...  ​Being an entirely new me attracted a completely new life.  I had to discover how to activate change and create a new me to create a new life

The life of my vision.  The life of my purpose. 

This is The Gift of Transformation. 

heart-centered & EXPERt aNALYSIS

Helping you Identify your path to growth authentically 


teach you how to Minimize your risks along the way


​Craft a plan to take you where you want to be

Who is The COLD Coach?

Jennifer Wilkes is a professional life coach, 2x Amazon.com Best-Selling author, and highly recommended speaker and communication coach.  She has been featured on national radio programs, blogs, and Georgia magazines for her powerful methods that transform students and women.  Jennifer presents unique communication and leadership methods that have proven to enhance relationships, self-awareness, career and business development, and heal spiritual brokeness.  Because of her direct yet refreshing approach, Jennifer has been endeared by her clients and students as "The COLD Coach"         

Jennifer has successfully coached thousands of people through her programs and workshops. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, a Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership Studies, a Certificate in International Media in Italy, and Master Certificates in Leadership and Communication Management.  She is also a doctoral candidate.  She has diverse experience in various fields of communication including radio as an on-air talent, print and broadcast journalism, public relations, corporate communications, international media, and collegiate instruction.


leadership development

Teach you how to become the leader of your life


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