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Jennifer Wilkes is a native of Florence, SC.  She has served as a communication and leadership coach, formally and informally, most of her life.  This natural ability, along with her nurtured talent for communications and coaching, prepared her to begin her own coaching practice.  With a mission to serve, Jennifer created COLD Consulting (Communication, Organization and Leadership Development) after relocating to Atlanta, GA.  The fresh and modern style she brings gives new meaning to the term "life coach".  Her unique and direct approach has motivated many to overcome personal and professional challenges.  Some have even coined her as "The COLD Coach".  She guides individuals in learning how to communicate and lead effectively through the art of transformational communication.  Her coaching style combines traditional and non-traditional practices that present fresh opportunities to create environments that are cohesively refreshing.

Being involved in various activities has been the storyline of her life.  She learned at a very young age that leadership and service were her strengths.  At age eight, Jennifer learned to play the keyboard and became the lead musician at her home church.  Her summers were spent at cheer-leading camp and assisting her swimming instructor with teaching children and adults in the community how to swim properly.  Her heavy involvement in school programs also provided a platform for her growth as a leader.

Jennifer is a graduate of the Wilson High School.  After continuing her education at Voorhees College, she gave birth to her beautiful daughter and continued on to complete her BA in Mass Communication and minor in Gender Studies at Francis Marion University.  She then went on to earn her Master's degree in Communication and Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University.  Jennifer is certified in International Media, which she attained during her study abroad in Italy.  She also holds Master Certifications in Leadership and Communication Management. 

Jennifer has experience in various fields of communication including radio as an on-air talent, print and broadcast journalism, public relations, and corporate communications.  Before moving to Atlanta, Jennifer was the Communication Liaison for SC State Senator Gerald Malloy.  She has also modeled, choreographed, and coached independent music artists in South Carolina and Georgia.

While completing her graduate studies at Gonzaga University, Jennifer realized the essence of her purpose. Communication and coaching have been her undying passions.  She was able to focus her purpose by combining communication and leadership.  She believes in the power of effective leadership, and she understands the importance of communication with self and others in all areas of ones's life.  Jennifer is a firm believer that leaders have the duty to produce other leaders, and her ultimate mission is to help others become leaders of their own lives.   


"Transformation in all of us is necessary to create profound relationships and a sound reality for ourselves and each other.  No journey is the same.  However, a solid communication foundation is always key to producing lasting results that

are transferable.  Change starts from within."

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My Journey...

​My journey within has been, and still is, a wondrous experience.  I must say, I went through a personal renaissance early in life and became enlightened.  ​

The most important realization was that being truthful with my self released many mental and physical toxins that were trying to invade my life.  Life became lighter (less stressful) and I began to act in my personal power of creation.  That realization came from transformation.  Being an entirely new me attracted a completely new life.  I had to discover how to activate change and create a new me to create a new life.  The life of my vision.  The life of my purpose.  This is The Gift of Transformation

If you wish your life were different... do your life differently.

-Terence Houlihan

Are you waking up without purpose and aimlessly going through the motions of life? 

Maybe you do things because you feel that you have no other choice.

Do you see life as a game of win or lose and you're afraid of losing something?

It's time to give yourself The Gift of Transformation.  Tell your self the truth. 

Let me show you how I maintain self-love and truth through transformation to create a purposeful life.  Learn how to activate your transformation and consciously create your life by, not only doing something different, but being different.  You deserve it!



​Jennifer, The COLD Coach