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Jade U.

"Jennifer's message is inspirational and one that needs to be heard.  I am beyond proud of her for uplifting women in our community.  She is a shining example of a truly strong, beautiful, and driven woman."

Shinita P.

"I can always depend on reading her stuff when I feel like I have messed up, can’t get through something, or feel like why me.  She knows everything I am feeling and when I go to her pages either on Instagram or Facebook, I feel a thousand times better.  I love her!"

Tanya J.

"You are truly an inspiration. I am so glad you're on here [Facebook] to reach people who wouldn't normally get any type of positive information in their daily lives.  Thanks for being a positive force in the community!"

"I love and appreciate your outlook on life... Although I always try to remain positive and I am familiar with affirmations. I used them on a regular basis but somehow got sidetracked. Your message came to me at a time in which I felt mentally and emotionally drained. The discussion on faith and using positive affirmations gave me reassurance and helped me to remember my purpose and also reminded me of the mission I am set out to do with The Still Standing Foundation. Thank you for helping me to regain and maintain my faith."

Tamiko Lowry

Founder, The Still Standing Foundation